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"You're blessed when you get your inside world - your mind and heart put right. Then you can see God in the outside world"  Matthew 5:8  TheMessage


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Truly Knowing the Living Christ

It is with heartfelt gratitude that I welcome you to my ministry website. My heart’s desire for this site is to help you come to know Jesus Christ in greater ways through scriptural truths and life experiences with Him.

There are several distinguishing elements that set Christianity apart from all other world religions and cultic beliefs. The most significant and important is that believers, disciples and followers of Jesus Christ, believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead and is alive today.  This is seen by the overwhelming evidence of scripture, eyewitnesses, and changed lives of those who profess Him as Savior and Lord of their lives.

The second element is that Jesus Christ can be personally and intimately known by all who trust in Him in such a way that their hearts and lives are eternally changed. There is indeed a huge difference in knowing about Christ and truly knowing Him. This element is what sets Christianity apart from all other religions and why it is not just another religion. Christianity is relational!

According to Philippians 3:10-11, Paul’s passion and heart’s cry was to know the living Christ in intimate fashion. In this famous text of Paul’s, in what is called the most joyous book of the Bible, Paul lists three practical ways in which he and all true believers can know Christ in personal and intimate ways: Experiential Knowledge; the Resurrection Power; and the Fellowship in Sufferings.

I will address these three in greater depth in my Philippians sermon series.

We must see that the apostle Paul has written more about Christ’s life, death and resurrection more than any other New Testament author. In his writings he has explained clearly the meaning of the Gospel and has presented a strong defense of its truth claims. And as he seems to understand these things far better than anyone else, Paul under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit writes these words, “THAT I MIGHT KNOW HIM…”

We must understand at this point that Paul did not say that I might know about Him. What he did say is that he would truly “KNOW HIM.” There is a chasm of difference here between these two statements. Paul’s deepest desire of his heart, in the truest Biblical sense was to personally, intimately, and experientially know Jesus Christ through the resurrection power and the fellowship of sufferings.

Did Paul reach his goal? He sure did! Church history tells us that Paul knew Jesus Christ so intimately that all the while he was in Philippi, in chains and in prison awaiting his execution, that he led hundreds, if not thousands, of elite Roman guards to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

How could this be possible? It was all possible because Paul, living as a new creation in Christ, lived as a reflection of the living Lord he professed. He was a witness and a light of the truth he knew and the truth that he was.
How about you? Can you say you know Christ in this manner? If not, it’s time to grow in your experiential knowledge of our living Lord through the resurrection power and the fellowship of his sufferings.

In Christ’s love,
Pastor Donn Jibben

Phil. 3:10

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